ETA Lab's Mission

The spirit of ETA Lab's research is interdisciplinarity. The Lab challenges its researchers to build expertise beyond their degrees and existing disciplinary frameworks, and apply research methods that are deliberately unconventional and team-based. Mirroring the increasing complexity of our cities and how they can develop and function more sustainability and resiliently, ETA Lab calls for deep connections to be made between topics of design, engineering, architecture, data science and machine learning, human health science, economics and policy development.

Image courtesy of Chair of Architecture and Building Systems, ETH Zurich

Research Snapshot

ETA Lab is interested in new technologies and techniques for delivering ultra high-performing built environments. ETA Lab's principal concerns are the energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions of buildings, along with their indoor environmental quality.

ETA Lab is collaborating internationally with the Architecture and Building Systems Research Group at ETH Zurich, the CHAOS Lab at Princeton University, the Centre for Built Environment at UC Berkeley, and the Energy Efficient Cities initative at the University of Cambridge.

See below for current research opportunities.

The Team

ETA Lab is led by Dr. Adam Rysanek, Assistant Professor of Environmental Systems within UBC's School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in the Faculty of Applied Science. The Lab currently has several graduate research positions open for intake in 2018.

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